Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Photoshoot with Sara.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fuji Finepix X100 - Commentary

Fuji Finepix x100

-The eye piece has a big wow factor the first time you use it.
- This is a fixed length unchangeable lens that has been highly optimized.
-Loving the camera so far.
- Contrary to what I say in the video the battery will drain quickly if using movie mode or the LCD a lot.
- My camera came with Firmware 1.01 and I never felt it was unusable. The picture quality has been very good.
- Focusing is fine for me, but you focus distance is further away that expected when not in macro mode.
- Did I mention that the picture quality is amazing.
- If you using lightroom turn the dynamic range setting on the camera to 100%. This will prevent images from looking to dark initially in lightroom.
-When you check the firmware do make sure that a memory card is installed.

-Panarama's are sweet with the camera.
-Macro model works well.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Top Apple iPad applications

Like many of you I'm loving everything Apple lately, specifically the IOS mobile operating system.  There are so many great applications for these devices.  Let's get to it, what do I consider the best..  All of these applications I use to some extent:

Most amazing / must have applications, best of the best:
  • FlickStackr - If you love photos and use Flickr, this application is better than the actual Flickr website.  Its a minimal fee in the app store, but it is very worth it.  
  • Air Video - This app allows me to watch movies and tv that I have on different computers in my house.  My video's I've burnt, even Windows Media Center files.  Again amazing app.
  • Zite - A news and article consolidator.  Love it.
  • Denon Remote App  - If you have a Denon stereo you can control everything from this.  Check if there is an app for your brand.
  • Netflix  - self explanatory if you are a Netflix subscriber.  "It just works"
  • Echofon - If you are on Twitter I find this application very helpful in managing multiple accounts.
  • The Economist- I consider this magazine application the benchmark that all other magazines apps should strive to be. 
  • USA Today - Simple, nice looking, newspaper app.
  • Magazines - I think magazines in general are the killer app for iPads.  Simple, no tree killing, have severall magazines all on your device.. easy to travel with.
  • PhotoSync - Awesome app for wirelessly downloading your photos and videos from your ipad or iPhone.  It works better than any tool provided by Apple.

Other good stuff:

  • Mail - Yes this is the standard email program with the iPad.  I'm a big fan of simplicity and design.
  • Youtube - Combine this app with Airplay and an apple tv and its pure awesomeness.
  • Google Search  -  "It just works"
  • Evernote - Simple note and image cloud service for all of your devices.
  • - Instant message program for all of your accounts.
  • Instagram - Photography app.  Its just fun and I love how it connects and shares to all my other accounts.  
  • Tumblr - Simple picture / /video blog.  Day in the life content.  Again simple to share to.  Fun to browse other popular photos.
  • Books - Yep just the standard book program from Apple.  I use to read a number of PDF product manuals.
  • - If your looking to buy something this is pretty simple.  Plus I like using the "wish list" feature as I can do some fairly frequent price checking.
  • Dropbox - Good for sharing files with other computers, such as product manuals.
  • iNet - Scans my network, helps with triaging computer issues.
  • Pandora - LIsten to you channel of music.
  • Gararge Band - I have no musical skills but I've had lots of fun with this app.
  • iMovie - When you first download the app and start playing with it you think that it sucks, but once you actually have a real project to put together, it moves from sucks to "hey that was actually pretty handy and the results look nice".  The limitation with this app on the Ipad is that the iPad camera really isn't any good.  
  • PS Express - Photo edits before sharing.
  • RDP & VNC  - Tech utilities to work on my other computers. The surprisingly work well.
  • Skype - I would have this in the awesome list above if the camera on the iPad was better.  This is better than Apple's Facetime.
  • Speedtest - Simple app to test my internet connection speed.

Not mentioned because these services are so popular, but they really don't have an iPad app.

So what are you favorite iPad / iOS applications?