Photography Services

My Services
Photography: I have the ability to offer my clients high quality, stylish images at competitive prices.  Whether your looking for photos to start your modeling career, photos to provide to your significant other, family photos or looking for content to start a web based business, I have services for you.  I embrace technology in all tiers of photography which translate into low costs for my clients.

  • Start a modeling career 
  • Quality photos for your website or social network!
  • Image enhancement
Consultative Approach: An initial consultative session is held with each of my clients whether it be in person, phone, or over the web to establish the image style, "look", and location that the client is desiring.  For example, images style, the number of outfits, and overall look of the session will be discussed.
Photo Shoot:  During the photo shoot I offer guidance around posing and offer clients the ability to preview the images as we go.  This "feedback on the fly" allows for better overall photography.
Review and Consultation:  After the photo shoot the complete set of usable images are presented to the client over the internet.  Clients may review the images to select their favorites.
Making it Perfect:  Upon your selection of photos I utilize sophisticated workflow processes that allow for the enhancement of images from creating black and white images, providing a glamour blurred effect, removal of skin blemishes, and overall softening of the skin, just to name a few.  Technology has revolutionized photography as we know it!
Delivery: Final images are made available for download over the internet or are available via a CD or DVD.   Printable image size will range from standard 4x6 all the way up to poster size!  You may print them as needed.
What are customers saying about my services...
"Creative Outlet Images really helped me start building up my modeling portfolio with creative and fun images. I have a great time working with him and look forward to working with him again in the future!" -- Nikki
"You are one of the most talented, respectful photographers out there!! Thank you for the wonderful images and I can't wait to work with you again.  HEY LADIES-Snag this one if you can, he'll make you look unbelievable!"--Charisse
"Thanks so much for two awesome shoots, both under very comfortable circumstances, easy to shoot with such a friendly, creative, prepared, and PROFESSIONAL photographer... highly recommended" -Alana
"Working with you was a pleasure! Not only do you conduct yourself in a professional and timely manner. You kept me entertained in 0 degree ocean water! Thank you for everything. I definitely look forward to working with you again"-- Crystalia