Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fuji x100 Review

Review Summary = Overall Rating = A-

The pro's even though its a shorter list outweigh the cons in my opinion. The images are really amazing.

- Picture quality - with strong emphasis on this.
- Color reproduction - with strong emphasis on this.
- Small in size
- Low profile camera
- No fiddling with lenses.
- Good for night shots, low light.

- Very slow to start up. This is a big drag.
- Auto ISO always seems to default to the highest available. However, this is the same as my Canon 5D Mark 2.
- Red Eye Reduction doesn't really work. However, I have the same experience with other built in flash cameras.
- On/Off switch is easy to accidentally switch.
- With macro mode off, focusing distance isn't that great.
- The menu button is a little to small.
- Missed shots / hit rate. Due to the slow start up and difficulty locking focus on moving subjects, my keeper rate is lower with this camera.
- When in low light conditions and high ISO the viewfinder can have a scrambled effect to it causing you to think its broken.
- Price

Edits for more information:  1)  I'm using a Sandisk 16gb Extreme Pro SD card. 2) I'm using firmware 1.1.


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