Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U Review

I didn't plan to end up with Sharp, as my old TV was a Sharp and I had some minor complaints about it.  The 8000 series Samsung's C and D have to many quality control issues and are selling higher priced than needed.  The Sony's were nice this year but the 55inch XBR also has quality issues.  It has banding on the screen.  You can see this in store versions.  After staring at the Samsung and Sony I could immediately tell that this Sharp had better image quality.

This TV has very dark blacks, solid black most of the time. The TV does have a soap operera effect to it, but you get use to it over time to the point that you do not notice it anymore.

1) Quality panel with accurate color reproduction
2) No banding
3) Color is uniform.
4) Limit to no motion blurring
5) 70 inches of TV!
6) Price! More TV and higher quality for less price than the Sony 65inch and Samsung.

1) May not fit a lot of spaces for people due to the size.
2) 3D is blah, but I think 3D is blah on all TVs.
3) Small "dust" spots in scenes. This is a dark patch that occasionally show up in panning scenes. This is extremely unnoticeable, but I spent the last year reading AVS Forums and everyone on nit picks on things. To me this issue is nothing.

Recommendation: Buy it if you have room.

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