FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q:  Do you have a formal studio?
A:  No, I focus on non-studio based photography or natural light.  I have studio lights available that I can use if needed.
Q:  Where are your typical shooting locations?
A:  I typically work in local public parks or city centers.  Other areas that I have shot at are at beaches, metro locations.  Locations typically are chosen based on the look we are going for.With advanced permission I have been able to shoot in indoor public spots as well.
Q:  Do you supply wardrobe, hairstylists and makeup artists?
A:  Not at this time.  Models are free to look for makeup artists on their own if desired or I can make some recommendations.
Q:  What are the best colors to wear?
A:  Its best if clients avoid solid white colors and if working outside avoid greens.
Q:   How are images delivered to clients?
A:  Images can be previewed on location in unedited form.  After post-processing images are delivered via CD/DVD or delivered via the web.  Small images are placed on my website in a private area for your viewing.
Q:  Do you do TFCD/TFP photo shoots?
A:  Yes, but extremely rare anymore.
Q:  How can clients use the images from a TFCD shoot?
A:  Images may only be used directly by you for your portfolio.  This includes use in a printed portfolio, personal portfolio websites, and/or sites such as onemodelplace.com
Q:  Will clients doing a TFCD be required to sign a model release.
A:  Yes.  In addition to this I take a picture of every models government id/drivers license.  This is only used for my records and prove that the model is over 18 and capable of signing the model release.  All professional photographers should be asking to do the same.
Q:  How long does it take?
A:  It depends on the number of looks needed.  At the minimum it will be one hour, most shoots go between 3-4 hours.
Q:  Do you have any clothing tips for clients?
A:  1)  Avoid colors that might blend in to any background that we may use.  2)  If you are going to be wearing darker colors, make sure you use a lint brush on your clothes before the pictures, otherwise the lint will be shown in the photos.
Q:  What if I need to cancel the photo shoot?
A:  Please provide your utmost professional courtesy and let me know as early as possible if you need to cancel.  Canceling the day of the photoshoot or the day before wrecks my schedule,  affects my business, and it takes away opportunities for other models to work with me.If you are not serious about your commitment to our appointment I do not want to work with you. If it was a TFCD photoshoot you won't be given a second chance.
Q:  How many people are present during the photoshoot?
A:  Its usually just me, but I occasionally have photo assistants, usually female with me.  I'll let the client know in advance of this.  Clients may bring along escorts at any time.  I would like to know how many people will be attending though.
Q:  Can you provide references?
A:  Absolutely, just ask.
Q:  Do you have any advise or recommending reading for beginning clients, models?
A:  Yes.  I would suggest that you read through the forums and general data on these sites to get a general understanding of industry terms, best practices, and what to look out for.  Think about what type of modeling that you would want to do before you start building your portfolio.
Q: How do TFCD photoshoots work?
I do select TFCD photoshoots on occasion, but paying customers always take priority.
Everyone signs a model release for all photoshoots.After the photoshoot I will provide you a link to the
unedited images for your viewing only.
You can select x amount of images for me to post-process or I can select them for you.  Post-processed images may be used to promote yourself via your portfolio and online websites such as this one.
Q: What if I'm new to this and I don't know how to pose or position myself? Can you help me?
A: Yes. A lot this depends on what our end goal is with the photo, but if you need help I will make suggests. Look around in magazines or the internet and figure out what are comfortable with.
Q: Do you digitally enhance or post-process photos?
A: Yes. I don't "distort the truth" but I perfect images as much as possible. Here is an example before and after photo.
Q: How old do I have to be to work with you and why does it matter?
A: Everyone needs to be 18 years old or older. Everyone signs a photography release as you need to be at least 18 to sign a contract. Please do not contact me if you do not meet this criteria.