Saturday, May 28, 2011

Glamour Edit - How To

Basical Glamour Edit / How-To:

1) Image capture in RAw
2) import to adobe lightoom
3) Focus on image quality corrections:
a) Correct for exposure and coloring (exposure slider, curvers, brightness, shadows, highlights)
b) Enable profile corrections for your lens that you used.
c) Tilt / Crop the photo to make it straight.
d) Reduce the noise in the photo if necessary.
4) Blemish Correction:
a) Remove skin blemishes, color patches, scars, etc with the spot remover tool.
b) Remove excess moles if that is what you want to do.
5) If you want to spend more time on the photo and get that last 10% out of the images, select edit in photoshop.
6) Edit in photoshop essentially repeating the above with emphasis on the following:
a) Eye whiteness
b) Lip and pupil color enhancement
c) Hair color
d) Large skin blemishes that were not in spot form.
7) Try a couple of creative things to see if they enhance the image such as black and white.
8) Sharpen and save.

MOre detail here:

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