Monday, May 23, 2011

What to shoot?

All of us photographers have run into it but I'm hitting it pretty hard right now. What I'm I referring to? Finding subject matter to shoot. I live in an amazing area that has a number of photo opportunities, but I have this thing about slogging through traffic to shoot something like a bridge, downtown, a park whatever... when I can easily look it up and likely see it already done on Flickr. It wouldn't be my own of course, but could I really do something that much different? Maybe... Hopefully. A saw a photographers portfolio online lately and he was doing this amazing long exposure work with nd filters. Sites we have seen before but just done in a new way. In this case expensive filters. That inspired me.

I've resorted to learning different photography and photoshop tricks, optimizing my lightroom install, learning how to do my own prints to at least stay involved with shooting until I get some better locations ideas. It's been fun and I've got some new ideas for more product photography.

Well the weather is getting better and my online social exposure is getting bigger... I'm sure I'm going to be shooting a lot more soon.

Stay tuned

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