Friday, June 3, 2011

Reading Magazines on the iPad

I did this video as I really love reading magazines on the Apple iPad. I think its an under marketed feature of the device. Images and text show up amazing well and they are simple to page through.

Advantages: 1) Ease of use 2) organization (don't have a pile of magazines in your house 3)archive your magazines longer 3) awesome visuals 4) If you a print subscriber many magazine vendors give you the ipad edition for free.

Disadvantages: 1) Its difficult to find magazines in the Apple Store 2) Not all magazines have the same navigation 3) Some magazine can become to gimmicky 4) individual magazines can be expensive.

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  1. Magazines on iPad look stunning. I love reading digital magazines on iPads and iPhones. I use Other edition's newsstand for reading digital magazines.


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