Thursday, August 18, 2011

Viewing magazines on an Ipad

I love viewing magazines on my iPad.  Having the ability to have all of them in one spot and not in a pile in the corner of your house is a great thing.  The problems with the success of magazines on iPad have been the following:

1)  The software to view the magazines isn't standardized and generally is really bad code.

2)  Navigation isn't uniform between magazine brands.

3)  It is difficult to find a magazine in the App Store. This needs to be centralized further.  ( I read IOS 5 may help with this.)

4)  I don't want sound and video in my magazine.

5)  Pricing is odd.  Some give free samples before you buy, other allow single magazine purchases, others require a full year subscription before I can see any content.

6)  There isn't any easy way to archive an old magazine.

Here is a video I did on it:

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