Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I want to see in the Canon 5D Mark3

All these rumors are next to useless.  I'm jaded now from the Canonrumors website.

I have a 5D Mark 2, and I would like to see the following fixed:

1)  Better focusing
2)  Better noise mgmt at high iso
3)  True autofocus for video.
4)  All around weather sealing
5)  Little bump up in frames per second.
6)  Don't split the lines between a full frame leading camera and leader in video.
7)  USB 3 or thunderbolt

Don't care to much about overly fancy screens.  I just want the image quality to be awesome.

Nice to haves:
a)  backup slot for an SD card in addition to CF.
b)  Lower price than before.
c)  Compatibility with all my old attachments/accessories.

Pricing for the Mark 2

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