Monday, June 20, 2011

Do you use your Cell phone as an alarm clock?

Like many people I'm using my cell phone for a lot of things. Its just so convient, you usually always have it around. It does a lot of stuff... Really productive things like watching my YouTube subscriptions and seeing whether charliejamemes video avatar pic is actually in the video... It never is.. Anyway, I use my cell as an alarm clock. I'm nervous about cell phone radiation next to my head while i sleep though with all the reports coming out that wireless could likely cause cancer.

So here is the tip if you use your cell phone as an alarm. Turn the airplane mode on. The alarm will still ring but it won't take calls or get on 3G or your wireless network.
If you have to receive calls while using it as an alarm, place it across the room away from you. Never can be to careful.

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