Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why this photographer is not jumping on the SSD bandwagon..yet

Solid State Drives (SSDs) or more simply larger flash storage devices seem to be en vogue now.  Apple is using them in their Macbook Pro's and lots of tech articles are written about them, etc.  SSDs are known to speed up your system boot, they are quiet, and are known for overall speediness.  They seem to be a good technology, but.. 2 reasons put me off the drives so far:   This first is that the drives are grossly expense for their size.  My second reason is the size.

It appears that Intel has a 600 gb version for all of $1200.  Yikes, no thanks for now.  I could barely put my Lightroom photo tree on the drive and I'm certain that in 3-4 years it would be $100 or less for the same size.  As much as I hear technically positive things for SSDs I have to hold back due to that price.

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